Happy Halloween!

Are you guys ready? Have your treats in order and costumes on? Since Halloween is on a Friday this year I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long night! I expect a sugar crash throughout the day! I know I try to feed the kiddos healthy meals and treats but I think one day out of the year it’s fun to just let loose a little! Let the kids be kids and just go for it!

And let’s talk about costumes! Do you make yours? Buy them at the store?  We vary in our house between buying and making. One year I said it’s ridiculous to pay so much money for something they wear once! So I got creative! Riley was a vampire and I did cheat and buy a cape. But he just wore black pants and black shirt. I also painted up his face to make him look more scary!

He really is selling the scare isn't he?

He really is selling the scare isn’t he?

But for James he wanted to be a zombie so I just made some of his old clothes look torn and worn. Then I also bought some makeup and this kit to make it look like skin was falling off his face. It was actually pretty good! The only problem was he kept rubbing his eyes! But maybe it gave the costume a little something extra with blood shot eyes!



Here is a close up of his face.

See on his forehead wear the skin is coming off?  He thought that was pretty cool!

See on his forehead where the skin is coming off? He thought that was pretty cool!

For Joseph he wanted to be a werewolf. The costume part was easy. I also just found some old worn out clothes and made them look more tattered. Then one of my old coats that had a fur trim was a little worn so I took it off. I cut it in pieces and hot glued it to his clothes. I did it in the holes to make it look like his whole body was furry. Of course I used brown face paint for his face and I had to spray his blond hair with brown color. I also bought some hair from the costume shop that I glued on his face and back of his hands.





All in all I think I maybe spent $20 total for all 3 costumes. It was a fun family project and the kids had fun!

boys halloween

This year we bought our costumes from a second hand store. Those places actually have a great selection and you don’t spend an arm and a leg, although they may have some of those around! Riley is a Special Forces military guy, Joseph is Batman and James is the Scream guy, with the blood and everything. With the boys getting older they want the blood and guts stuff. I don’t mind, within reason. They love scaring each other and me!

What are your little ghouls going to be today? Are you going to a fun party or trick or treating in your neighborhood? Have a great night tonight and be safe! And don’t forget the “parent tax” on all of the yummy candy! In my house the chocolate candy is what I need to “inspect” the most!

20% Discount On Sweat Pink and Tribe Sport Apparel!

This post contains an affiliate link however all opinions are my own.

Whether you are a fitness junkie or just starting out we all need workout gear that is well made, functional and flattering. I am so excited to announce that Sweat Pink has joined up with Tribe Sports to create an awesome Seamless Racerback and Performance Tech Tee! As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I am sharing with you a 20% discount code!

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SPA Raceback

SPA performance teeHappy Shopping everyone!


Pumpkin Dip

pumpkin dip

Ok, I have held out on the pumpkin stuff, but I can’t hold back anymore! This recipe is delicious! I will have to create a healthy version of it that’s just as good because I’m sure I could make it more figure friendly. But it is a treat, so it’s nice to have it once in awhile! You can serve it with gingersnaps or crisp apples. Really, anything that goes well with pumpkin (and at this time of year, what doesn’t?)


1 can of pumpkin puree

8oz of Cool Whip

3oz of cream cheese

1/2 cup of sugar

2 tsp of all spice (or pumpkin pie spice)

Mix together, chill for 2 hours then serve!

That’t it, it’s super easy and a crown pleaser!



More Disney News And Spotlight On A Ride Favorite!

I hope you all had a great weekend! The big boys and Brandon went off to a Boy Scout camping trip so it was just Riley and I! We had a blast at the local pumpkin patch and a trip to the mall to go the Disney Store. It’s as close to a Disney Property as I can get today! We had a great time until I got the darn stomach bug that has graced our family! My grandmother was so sick she was hospitalized last week which is why I didn’t post too much! I’m still not feeling great, but life goes on!

sorcer hat

Anyway, the big news out of the Disney Company this weekend was that a park landmark will be removed soon, early 2015. The Hollywood Studios Sorcerer’s Hat has been a staple in Hollywood Studios since we still called it MGM! Of course the rumors of what will become the central hub is still just that, rumors. I know some guests hope that they will turn Hollywood Studios into a Star Wars Land since in May and June of every year Star Wars Weekends is in full swing.Personally, I wouldn’t mind that. Having 3 huge Star Wars fans in the house that would make them very happy! As well as with so many Frozen overhauls it would be nice for the kids and adults to have something different!

star tours

So since we’re thinking about Star Wars and Hollywood Studios let’s talk about the much loved ride Star Tours! In 1989 Star Tours opened in the park then known as MGM. It was the first ride based off of a non Disney production. The ride is an amazing 3-D simulation adventure! When you board the ship you are greeted by your pilot, C-3PO. Once one of the 54 mission begins it is clear that there is a Rebel Spy on board! Of course this means the mission is not going to go as planned and there is a possibility the whole crew is in danger! But with this being Disney of course you make it just in the nick of time!

The special effects in this ride are great! The combination of the 3-D animations and the ride simulator makes it really feel like you are on the ship. I am certainly not one who knows what each of the 54 missions are, but it’s a great reason to ride this over and over again! Have you been on this fantastic ride before? Have you been the Rebel Spy? Do you think that it would be great if Disney built a Star Wars park?


Major Disneyland Refurbishment Rumors

Good Morning everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been here much this week. It has been very busy with my grandmother being hospitalized, family in from out of town, and just regular life as a mom!

I do not have confirmation from Disney but it looks like it’s pretty accurate rumor. Much like when I heard that Maelstrom closed. But this time it’s coming from Disneyland. Starting on January 12, 2014- December 1, 2015 Luigi’s Flying Tires in Carsland at California Adventures will be closed for refurbishment. It seems like this will be a pretty hefty over haul considering it will be closed for close to a year. No one is exactly sure if they will be remodeling or replacing tracks on the ride. I haven’t had a chance to ride this yet but I had heard that it can be difficult to make the tires move the way that Disney wanted them to. So it sounds like this is a good thing! What do you think about this refurbishment? Have you had trouble on the ride?


On a different note I wanted to share a picture of Joseph with his cousin! Today is “Twin Day” at school where the kids dress up with another student. Of course my actual twins don’t go to the same school so this is the next best thing! They were so cute! They were Smurfs!


I hope you all are having a great week! Are you ready for Halloween? What are your little ones dressing up as?

Guest Post on Faith and Pixie Dust

Good Morning everyone! I wanted to share my guest post on Faith and Pixie Dust. Mandi is an amazing mother of twins plus one and shares my love of Disney! You may remember she did a guest post for me a while ago. So please enjoy the post on her blog today and stick around, she has a lot of great stuff! Testimonial Tuesdays: God Hears

Winners of the 2015 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Calenders

Good Evening everyone! I wanted to let you know the winners of the giveaway!

Congratulations Tina Garstad and Lee Anne Barbee! You will have 48 hours to email me at enchanteddesertminnie@gmail.com so you can send me your address!

Blogger Confessions!


Good Morning everyone, Happy Friday! As most of you know I’m still a relatively new blogger. My fellow blogging buddies can relate to this. You will have a million ideas of what to write about. Something inspiring, helpful or just informative. And the moment you sit down to write it, you have the dreaded writer’s block! Or, maybe you think of a recipe you want to share but you don’t have pictures to go with it! It’s not always easy to be a blogger. Sure some of us may have schedules of what we will write about and when. Some of us write out our posts the night before and schedule it. Some will wait until we are inspired sometime during the day to sit down and write. I confess, I am a bit of both. It just depends on the topic.

As a blogger you are really putting yourself out there to the public! You risk facing backlash from maybe a controversial topic, or maybe just someone disagreeing with your opinion. Sometimes this can lead to a great discussion, and let’s face it, part of you is just happy someone outside of your family is actually interested in what you have to say! But the other part of you has to have feelings of steel when a critique of you online stings just as much as one face to face.

Then once you actually write your post before you’re ready to press publish you re-read it at least five times. Heaven forbid you find a sentence doesn’t make sense. Or you realize after it’s out in the world you used “their” instead of “they’re”. Sometimes I will go back and read past posts I’ve written and will find a grammatical mistake I didn’t catch when I wrote it and proof read a million times. I think sometimes bloggers and writers can be our own worst critic! I guarantee in a few weeks time when I re read this I will find something I didn’t catch!

Most bloggers in the blogging community are friendly and really your biggest cheerleader! Sometimes even more so than people in your “real life”. Bloggers understand the excitement of when you get your first subscriber that isn’t a friend or family member! Or when you’re running a giveaway how much time and energy it takes to make it work! As well as when a company contacts you because they want to work with you and feel your influence and writing is what they are looking for. It’s more than just writing a little post everyday. It’s networking, connecting with others in your niche, and being very active in social media!

It can be a lot of work to have your own blog and space in the world wide web; to have a voice in this big world. But the benefits are amazing. When you find that you actually touched someones life it’s worth it. I remember when I wrote my piece on Robin Williams’ death I can’t tell you how many people in real life and online appreciated what I had to say. Or when I started running that I inspired others to give it a try! I don’t pretend to be perfect in any way, but I am happy to help others in their life and realize we are all human and make mistakes!

Being a blogger can push you out of your comfort zone and really live. Like when I wrote about the balloon fiesta last week and went up in the balloon. If I didn’t have a blog I don’t think I would have taken the risk or had the opportunity. Or when I did my 5K I don’t know if I would have actually gone and done it after my accident if I didn’t have you all to keep my promise too! Having the courage to put yourself out there online can be risky but the possibilities for your life are endless!

So, when you find someone in your life has decided to start a blog or writing in anyway I hope you understand and encourage them! It means so much just for someone to say “hey, I read today’s post and I love it!” Or if a blogger you follow maybe took a day off from writing maybe it’s because they want their writing to be the best it can be for you! Or could just be they had major writer’s block that day and give them a little break!

Are you a blogger? What do you find most difficult about it? The best?


Disney Store 40% off Costumes!

40 off hall dis

Hey everyone, I’m still feeling under the weather but I wanted to make sure you guys knew that the Disney Store is having a 40% off their costumes right now. This is a great time to get your kiddos their favorite princess or pirate gear! You can use it for Halloween night or if you’re planning a trip to Disney soon it’s a great way to save money on an outfit. Especially if you’re planning Bippity Bobbity Boutique, Pirates League or character dining! We all know that those little purchases add up in the park, so if you already come prepared it leaves more room for other souvenirs!

Don’t forget that you can get free shipping on orders of $75 or more too! I usually have to monitor how much I go to the Disney Store website because I always find a million things I want! But when you get a package from them even though you know what it is, it’s like getting a little piece of Disney magic delivered right to your door! I hope you have a magical day shopping! :)

*Don’t forget about the giveaway I have going on right now! There’s only a few days left!

Potato Soup

Good Morning guys! I hope your week has started in a great way! I unfortunately have a cold or some kind of Upper Respiratory Infection. So I feel yucky :(. Do you all have a comfort food you turn to when you don’t feel well? Mine is my grandmother’s Potato Soup recipe. It’s easy to make, easy on the tummy and delicious. Here’s her recipe if you’d like to try it!

Potato Soup

6 Russet potatoes peeled and cut in small chunks

1 white onion diced

1 stick of butter

1 can of evaporated milk

salt and pepper to taste

1 loaf of french bread

In large stock pot put in the potatoes. Cover with water, not all the way full, about 3/4. Bring to a boil. Add onion. Cook until onions are cooked and transparent. Pour in the evaporated milk and put in the butter. Bring to a simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with slices of french bread to dip it in.

This recipe is super easy and doesn’t take long to make. Leftovers taste even better the next day!

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