April Fool’s, It’s Triplets!

That is what I was hoping the doctor wouldn’t say 12 years ago today! I knew from when I was a little girl I wanted to be a mom. Being an only child I hated not having siblings and vowed I would never have just one. Well, God has a sense of humor and when I went in for my ultrasound and they said there were 2 in there I will be honest I was nervous and scared! Little did I know twins run in my family and we have at least 20 sets that my grandfather has tracked through our family tree! I thought just having one baby was a blessing. Never in a million years did I think I’d be doubly blessed!

The boys birth announcement! They were so little!

The boys birth announcement! They were so little!

Now it’s 12 years later! Where does the time go?! I can’t believe my babies are growing up too darn fast! It still feels like it was yesterday I was 38 weeks pregnant, bigger than a whale and suffering from heartburn every day! Those 38 weeks felt like they would last forever! I can’t tell you how many times I was hospitalized for pre term labor, and thankfully went home each time with the babies still in my belly. Then at 34 weeks the doctor finally said if labor started then they wouldn’t stop it. And wouldn’t you know it, nothing! Mother Nature is hilarious I tell you!

The boys were about 6 months old here. Brandon is holding James, I'm holding Joseph. Ugh they were so stinkin' cute! (BTW wow Brandon and I look like babies ourselves! WOW!)

The boys were about 6 months old here. Brandon is holding James, I’m holding Joseph. Ugh they were so stinkin’ cute! (BTW wow Brandon and I look like babies ourselves!)

My doctor had me come in the morning of April 1st to be induced. After having my water broken, Pitocin, an epidural, and several hours of labor those babies were determined to stay put! The doctor decided to put me out of my misery and go ahead and do a c-section. (now we know that the boys were head to head so they both were in each other’s way) I remember being wheeled into the OR scared to death. They let me have my mom and Brandon in there with me. I remember the nurses telling me I wouldn’t feel any pain. But I wish they would have told me that you can still feel pressure and tugging!

Then at 5:41pm Joseph Allen was born! I remember hearing crying but they didn’t let me see him. He was having trouble breathing and they whisked him away to the NICU. Then at 5:42pm James Austin entered the world! I remember him wailing and crying and the nurse held him up to show me. After Joseph being taken away I was concerned with them looking after James and I remember telling the nurse that I saw him and to make sure he was ok! Then Brandon went to the NICU with the boys and my mom stayed with me while they stapled me up.

Afterwords they took me to recovery. Somehow in transit my epidural came out unexpectedly and I could feel EVERYTHING! It was awful! I was in so much pain and friends and family were coming in and out. I remember I just wanted to be left alone, but I was hurting so much I didn’t have it in me to say anything. I wanted to see my babies but at that point I wanted to not hurt!

Then they wheeled me into my room. I was still hurting, they wouldn’t give me any pain meds and I was too shy say something! Finally we kicked everyone out and I tried to sleep. But I was STILL was hurting and I hadn’t seen my babies yet. I already felt like a guilty mother!

In the morning grandparents came and said they were going to the nursery to see the boys. I was pissed! Dammit I was their mother and I was the only one who hadn’t seen them yet! So I very carefully got in a wheelchair and they wheeled me to the nursery where I finally saw them. They placed Joseph in my arms and it was surreal. I couldn’t believe that they were finally here and they were mine. Poor Joseph had a dent in his head from where he was resting on my hip. James was so quiet and chill and just took in his surroundings. When the medical staff felt they could come be with me in my room they wheeled them in 1 little bassinet. They were so tiny!

A few days later we were discharged home. I remember feeling weird that they were just going to let us take the babies home with us! I think Brandon drove 5 miles under the speed limit the whole way! Then when family left and it was just the 4 of us Brandon and I were terrified! We were responsible for the 2 little humans!

The boys 1st Birthday! Joseph on the left, James on the right. Adorable! Look at those cheeks!

The boys 1st Birthday! Joseph on the left, James on the right. Adorable! Look at those cheeks!

Flash forward to now I still see their same personalities that were there in the beginning. Joseph has always been vocal and not scared to take risks. Joseph is 1 minute older and takes that 1 minute and runs with it acting like the older brother. James just lets him go with it and is still very laid back. James is very quiet and analytical. He’s always been more shy and the thinker. Yet when they get together they are unstoppable! Like the time I thought they were down for a nap when they were about 3. I decided to take a super quick glorious shower! When I came out they had managed to push a chair to the fridge, climb up on it and unlock it, grab the whole gallon of milk and drag it to their room. They tried to pour it into their sippy cups. But they instead poured a whole gallon of milk on their floor!

The boys when they were about 4. Still so sweet and cute!

The boys when they were about 4. Still so sweet and cute!

Being a mom in itself is amazing, exhausting and terrifying. But being a mom to twins is multiplied by more than double! These past 12 years have been full of laughter, lots of tears, and memories I wouldn’t trade for anything! I am so lucky to be your mom Joseph and James! I hope you have a wonderful 12th birthday!

And here they are now! My babies are not babies anymore! :(

And here they are now! My babies are not babies anymore! :(

Back From My Break!

Does time just ever get away from you? You have a plan to do this or that and then life happens and you don’t get it done? That’s what’s been going on around here lately! James has really been needing me during the day with his schoolwork. And as much as I love blogging and connecting with you, my boys needed me. Since he was home from school because I opted him out of PARCC I used that opportunity to really get him where he needs to be with school. So far, it’s paying off. He’s done with 2 of his classes and is on track with his other 2!

Joseph's eye right after catching the baseball with his face!

Joseph’s eye right after catching the baseball with his face!

Joseph has been keeping me busy too! Last week he added probably 50 gray hairs to my head! He and his friend rode their bikes to the park to throw around a baseball. Joseph is a sporty kid and was thinking about trying out for baseball next year. Well, maybe 45 minutes after they left I get the dreaded phone call. “Mom, I got hit in the face with a baseball and there’s blood everywhere!” My heart stopped and I couldn’t get in the car fast enough! I raced to the park where his nose was bleeding and his eye looked like he lost the fight! Luckily he and his friend are both boy scouts so they did some great 1st aid on his eye. Thankfully his nose wasn’t broken, I think the ball just hit the side of his nose and burst a blood vessel and that’s why it bled. I palpated around his face and his eye to check for any orbital or facial fractures. All good! Poor kid was miserable. As I’ve said before, being a mom to boys is not for the faint of heart!

His eye 2 days later!

His eye 2 days later!

Riley, well thankfully he’s finally I think getting the hang of his emotions. There’s a couple of boys at school that when the 3 of them get together it is not a good mix! They are like magnets to each other and can’t stay away. But then they get each other in trouble! For the last month Riley is doing great and I haven’t gotten the phone call from school about him making bad choices. Whew! Being the youngest he hates it when his brothers boss him around. At school he’s a lot smaller than his peers and sometimes he feels that the kids are trying to be in charge of him too. So he really gets upset and acts before he thinks. We have been working on having some things in place so when he feels himself getting upset he can stop and think. It’s a constant learning experience for him and constant reminders. But we’re getting there :)

The travel agency is growing slowly but surely! I have 3 agents as of right now and they’re doing great! But as I said previously they are brand spanking new and have a lot of questions! I want them to be successful and not leave them hanging so it’s taking more time than I thought to get them started. The agency is my new baby right now and I have to nurture it and take care of it at any time of the day! I really want to do it right and not drop the ball so I’m being extra cautious and double checking everything! My goal is to have the agency become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. We all know how Disney is very particular with all of their products and I want to have the same expectations with the agency.

Add to all of that I have been hit with a dreaded stomach bug! This thing is evil people! I thought it was a 24 hour thing, that was last week and I’m still dealing with it! James got it too and I think my husband had a mild case. Since the kiddos are home for Spring Break this week we are sanitizing the heck out of the house and doing some major spring cleaning! This has been a bad year for being sick! They’re not to excited to be cleaning during the break but I have a few fun things to do with them too!

Tomorrow is the twins birthday! 12 years ago today I was as big as a house and couldn’t even wear shoes because my feet were so swollen! I’ll be sharing some pictures of them and talking about when they were born tomorrow.

QOTD: Are your kiddos on Spring Break? What plans do you have? Or if you already had Spring Break, did you do anything fun?


st patty

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Are you all decked out in green today? Will you be feasting on corn beef and cabbage?

I thought since I haven’t been able to post as much as I usually do, I would do a post on what is currently going on with life these days! The past 2 weeks have been full of kids and travel agent things!

Currently working on: I have been very busy getting everything done with opening up the agency. As well as helping a few of my brand new agents get started! I want to be able to be there for them as soon as they need me, so because of the time change, sometimes they email me at 6am my time, and I get up and help them right away! Then during the day they’ll contact me with questions, and I will make it a priority to help them. So this means a lot of my blog post ideas will get lost in my mind! But I know this is just a short time that they’ll be new so I want to make the best of it! If you’re interested in joining my team, you can go here and apply! :D

Currently worried about: I briefly mentioned to you all that something was going on with one of the boys. James has been having a very difficult year and the teacher and I have been working together to figure out if there’s something going on with him. I’ve been going to SAT meetings at school, taking him to be tested, and in contact with the teacher a lot to hopefully help him. We were thinking maybe he had a learning disability, or something to explain some of these issues. I have always known that there was  something special about James, and I do feel relief that someone else sees it too. Of course you don’t want your kid to have any hurdles he may face, but it has been frustrating and stressful figuring out what is going on with him. Part of me worries they won’t find anything and part of me worries that they will! I just haven’t quite figured it all out yet. We still don’t have any exact answers, right now we’re in the process of elimination phase.

Currently dealing with: Well, after a lot (and I mean a lot!) of research I decided to opt the boys out of PARCC. If your state doesn’t do them, basically it’s this new controversial standardized testing for students in 3rd-11th grade. I went back and forth about writing a blog post about it. But it’s not really my style to talk about something just for the viral factor. And I feel we all should do what’s best for our child, some may agree with the test, and some may not. I will say, since I’ve opted them out I have noticed a change in their behavior. Riley hasn’t had many of the issues he’s had at school, and James seems to feel like a weight has been lifted off of him. However, since opting them out, 2 out of the 3 schools the kids go to have been great. But 1 was not, so I have been having to email back and forth with the district about it. I really don’t like confrontation, so this has taken me out of my comfort zone a little! But you know how us Mamas become like protective Mama Bears when something isn’t being done right by our children. You find your strength and your voice!

Ok now on to some fun stuff!

Currently watched: On Saturday my mom was able to get us all tickets to go see Cinderella! The boys weren’t too thrilled about it, but they went and saw it anyway. I don’t think they loved it as much as my mom and I did! The little girl in me just loved it! Who didn’t dream to be Cinderella as a child? It was a great movie! The costumes, the sets, everything was just perfect! If you have a chance to see it, I highly recommend it!

Currently tried something new: Before going to see Cinderella we decided to go and eat lunch at this little place in town called “Tim’s Place“. It is owned by a man with Down Syndrome. You may have seen an article on him, I know I’ve seen People wrote about him last year. This guy is amazing! He’s participated in the Special Olympics, was Homecoming King in High School, went to college, met the President. Basically, this man is not letting his disability be an obstacle in his life. He is super fun in person, when we went to eat there he was actually sitting down with some customers and eating lunch with them. We then were able to meet him, get one of his famous hugs, and get our pictures taken with him! If you’re ever in the Albuquerque area, go check out his restaurant! The food is great and it’s just a feel good atmosphere!

tims place me

tims place boys

Currently Planning: I have been planning a trip to Walt Disney World for us! After looking at prices of flights for the 5 of us, I decided we should drive instead! It is a 26+ hour drive across 6 states! I’m hoping by the end we’re not ready to tie a kid to the roof rack! But I want the boys to experience a good old fashioned road trip! I remember taking them as a kid and I loved it! I’m planning lots of travel activities, as well as teaching them how to read a map so they can get involved in the planning. I think I’m more excited about it then they are. To them, the time is so far away so I don’t think they’re in the excitement part yet. Although this morning as Riley was getting ready for school he was deciding which rides he and I would ride together. I’m also planning on making some shirts for us to wear while we’re there! Hopefully I won’t have a Pinterest fail and I’ll share them with you!

QOTD: So what is currently going on with you? Anything that’s frustrating? Or anything that you are just so excited about?


Guest Post from Amanda Middleton

Good Morning! Are you guys surviving the time change? Ugh, it is amazing how one little hour can make such a big difference! We all are still dragging along and I’m trying to let the boys sleep in just a little bit so they can catch up on some much needed sleep!

I’m working on the next installment of our Walt Disney World Resort Series so in the mean time here is a hilarious guest post from my best blogging buddy Mandi! She is so funny and has such a great outlook on some frustrating things that can happen with twins, or just anyone with young ones! Please enjoy her hilarious retelling of a what could have been a very bad day!


So as you know, I have twin two-year old boys, Chip and Dale. (I start a lot of my post off with that very same sentence. A LOT!) When I put them down for a nap they are not fully ready to always nap but, guess what, mama is! Some days I will put them down for a nap and two minutes later I hear them jumping on their beds like trampolines, laughing and screaming and having a good ol’ time. I hate to be the mean lady to break up the party every time, but they need to go to sleep, not just for my sanity but, because they are grumpy boys if they don’t get a nap. Not to mention, my light fixtures on the first floor rattle as they are doing their acrobatics in their beds on the second floor.So, on this particular day they did their normal routine of jumping and finally drifted off to sleep long enough for my oldest, Minnie Mouse and I to get some school work done. We were almost done with school when we heard them stirring, it was within a matter of minutes before I heard the jumping. Minnie and I decided it was time to wrap up school when we heard the scream. This was not a normal happy, I’m playing with my bro scream, this was I am hurt scream. I rushed up the stairs thinking, great one of them jumped out of the bed again. (Yes, I said AGAIN.) But to my surprise when I walked into the room there was Dale with his leg stuck through the slats of the bed. I did what any normal mother would do and got the coconut oil. (What? Yes, coconut oil, better than butter right?) I lathered his sweet chunky leg up with coconut oil and went to work. I tried to push it back through and it wouldn’t budge, not to mention he screamed in pain every time I tried to push it back through.
I tried breaking the slats of the bed, no go! Those cribs are made pretty good, they wouldn’t budge. So I did what any wife would do I called my husband and you can only imagine that conversation. This is how it went down:Me: Hey, we have a problem. Dale’s leg is stuck in the slats of the bed. What do I do?
Chris: Get it out!
Me: No really, I’ve tried Chris! I can’t! I put coconut oil on his leg and it won’t budge.
Chris: How did his leg get stuck in the crib?
Me: I don’t know! So what do I do?
Chris: Break the slats!
Me: I can’t, I’ve tried! They won’t budge!
Chris: Yes they will!
Me: No they won’t! Chris, what do I do?
Chris: Try harder, break the slats!
Me: OMG, really dude!You get the gist of that conversation, right?Chris wasn’t anywhere near our house so luckily my dad was about twenty minutes away so, I tried to keep everyone calm. Surprisingly Dale was the calmest of all of us, but he was starting to get tired, he had all of his weight on one foot. So, Minnie kept Chip calm because he was getting nervous. He knew something was wrong with his brother. I propped up Dale the best I could, lifting up on him just a bit.

Finally my dad got there and he tried to pry the slats open. Again, wouldn’t budge! So he went down to our messy garage, (You know the kind you can’t even fit your car into anymore because it’s so messy) and happen to find limb trimmers and cut through the wood slats of the crib! Finally Dale was free! Chip proceeds to tell my dad: Good job, Pop Pop!

Now our crib is duct taped together from the “ouchy” it has, as Chip calls it. Hey at least it is black duct tape right?


Look real hard for the black duct tape! ;-)
Do you have any crazy parenting stories? Or crazy twin stories? I would love to hear so I feel normal! Please share!
If you’d like to connect with Mandi you can find her at her two blogs, Amanda Middleton and Walt Express


Winner of MealEnders Giveaway!

you won

Well, we have a winner for MealEnders! Congratulations Em Mahr! Please email me at enchanteddesertminnie@gmail.com to give me your address so MealEnders can send you your 4 pack of lozenges!

Also, I know that I haven’t had many posts this week, many things going on here in Real Life Land! I’m debating whether or not if I should write about it. When something is going on with your kids, it’s sometimes hard to digest. Once I wrap my head around it and figure out what and how to write, I will. Who knows, maybe one of you is going through the same thing and could use someone who understands. :)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Do you have any exciting plans?

Big Travel Agency News!

Whew, I apologize about being MIA the last few days! I had a weird thing happen to the blog where I couldn’t log on to the admin part, therefore I couldn’t publish posts! But thanks to my host we finally got it taken care of! #bloggerprobs

logo for WOW grey

Well I’m not sure if you all have noticed but I’ve been rather quiet on the travel agency home front. For the past 2 months I’ve been getting everything together to open up my own agency, without a host agency! When you’re with a host agent you use their insurance, their travel industry information, and anything else that allows you to book client travel. I won’t go into the details as to why I didn’t feel it was a good fit for this host agency, and my main goal was to open up my own place anyway. It just happened sooner than later! So I’ve been very busy with reaching out to suppliers, getting my own travel industry info, insurance and everything else that it requires for you to be in business! It has been quite a learning experience!

So we are officially opened as World of Wishes Travel! I am very excited and look forward to what this adventure will bring! We are still free to use, and will book trips as well as book Disney Dining, Disney Cruises, and Port of Call excursions! We are going to work very hard to become an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and cement our relationship with Disney!

If you would like to join our team as a travel agent we would be happy to have you! So far I have a great group of agents and look forward to adding more great people! You can go here to fill out the form and I’ll get back to you right away! If you have any questions about joining, please, email me at shayna@worldofwishestravel.com! I will be happy to answer any of your questions, especially if you’ve never been an agent before!

I’ve also linked up with Mandi from Walt Express in this new venture and she will be the main Disney blog for WOW. She has a great blog with lots of Disney info and I felt it was a great fit for those traveling to Disney! Yes, I blog about Disney too, but I write more as an opinion for my personal blog and her blog is more information regarding everything Disney related! But…I also am a contributor to her blog too, so sometimes you’ll see some little gems from me :) It’s just one more great way that we show as women and bloggers we are helping each other and supporting each other!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my new business venture! I couldn’t have done it without you! And I look forward to having some of you join the WOW team!


MealEnders Review and Giveaway!

I was given product to review from Mealenders and SweatPink however all opinions are my own.


Good Morning you guys! I am so excited to share with you this product I received from Mealenders to try out! Basically it’s a signaling lozenge to help you to not overeat and learn how to portion control. Once you’ve eaten maybe one helping of dinner, and are eyeing a second plate, or that huge dessert, you pop one of these in your mouth and enjoy the dessert outer layer, which curbs your craving for sweets. Then the inner tingling layer singles to your brain that you are full. These lozenges are Dietecian approved and are a safe way to learn how to portion control. From the Mealenders website they explain in detail how it works:

MealEnders’ active-taste formula rewards and resets your taste buds, distracting you from the temptation to overindulge.  First the delicious Reward Layer treats you to the sweet taste of dessert – a signal we typically associate with the end of a meal.  Then the Inner Core’s Active-Taste Layer releases a proprietary blend of gentle, cool tingling sensations on the tongue, which engage the trigeminal nerve, distracting your mind from the urge to continue overeating.  You can feel your MealEnder go to work instantly.

Unlike other diets or diet aids that focus solely on your stomach, MealEnders cue the cessation of eating by targeting the mind’s attention and the body’s reaction to sensations.  By engaging your trigeminal nerve, MealEnders keep your mind occupied for up to 20 minutes (the Overeating Zone), giving your natural satiety process time to kick in and catch up.  When the MealEnder experience dissipates, your body’s natural signaling process of satiation will have begun.

MealEnders fit easily into your existing routine, helping you learn healthy portion control.  And they aren’t a drug, stimulant or supplement.  MealEnders are a straightforward, common-sense way to assist you in reducing the amount of food you eat.  MealEnders naturally transition you away from your desire to eat too much and help train the mind and body to eat healthy, right-sized portions.


These lozenges don’t have any herbs, added stimulants, or drugs of any kind in them. They are also low calorie (15 calories and 2 grams of sugar), low fat, Gluten Free, and Kosher!

Ok so now you know all about them, let’s talk about the most important part…do they work and how do they taste? Well, I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and I think they are working! I have admitted I have a major sweet tooth! Late nights when the kids are in bed and I’m the only one up working or writing I’ll sneak a cookie or two either because I’m bored or just want to get a treat before the boys eat them all! So instead, I would grab one of these and I got my little treat and didn’t reach for the sweets.

As for the taste, it depends on each flavor. They have four to choose from; Mint Chocolate, Cinnamon, Citrus, and Mocha. Here’s what I thought of each:

Mint Chocolate-Loved this one, it tasted like an Andes mint, once I got to the inner layer it was like a spearmint flavor. It left my mouth feeling quite refreshed and they were kidding about the tingling!

Cinnamon-I was expecting a cinnamon flavor like a cinnamon candy. But it was more like real cinnamon like you’d find in a cookie or homemade dessert. It wasn’t too bad, but just wasn’t what I had in my head, so when I put it in my mouth and it was something different it took some getting used to. The inner lozenge wasn’t really minty, it’s hard to describe the flavor. Lots of tingling with this one.

Citrus-My other favorite! It tasted like key lime pie to me. I love key lime pie so this one was quite a treat! The inner layer wasn’t minty either but there was lots of tingling going on!

Mocha-The outer layer did taste like mocha, but once it started getting to the inner layer it was a weird change and probably was my least favorite inner layer flavor. I liked the outer mocha part, but these are probably my least favorite out of the 4.


If you go to order these from their website they have 3 different options to order. One solo supply of one flavor is $14.95 and has 25 pieces. A one month supply with 3 flavor packs, each with 25 pieces is $34.95. And finally a 90 day supply with 9 flavor packs each with 25 pieces is $89.95.

However, Mealenders has generously given me a 4 pack, exactly what I received to giveaway! You will get a pack of each flavor to try for free! You will get a 25 piece pack each of Mint Chocolate, Cinnamon, Citrus, and Mocha! So you can see which flavor works for you! If you have the same issue of over eating, portion control, or a wicked sweet tooth these might be just the thing you need! Good Luck Everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

WDW Deluxe Resort-Animal Kingdom Lodge

Well, we are finally to the Deluxe Resorts! Here is a recap of the what we’ve covered so far:

Benefits of staying on property                         Moderate Resort-Ft. Wilderness Cabins

Difference between Value, Moderate, and Deluxe Resorts

Value Resort-All Star Movies                              Moderate Resort-Port Orleans Riverside

Value Resort-All Star Sports                              Moderate Resort-Port Orleans French Quarter

Value Resort-All Star Music                               Moderate Resort-Caribbean Beach Resort

Value Resort-Pop Century                               Moderate Resort-Coronado Springs Resort

Value Resort-Art of Animation

So quite a bit as you can see! If you have time, take a look at our journey through the resorts so far!

akl sign

We are in the final home stretch and are finally toward the end talking about the luxurious Deluxe Resorts at Walt Disney World! Today it is my favorite Deluxe, Animal Kingdom Lodge! This resort is obviously within the Animal Kingdom Area and is based off of a South African Wildlife Reserve. The detail and beauty of this resort is amazing. Now, this resort also has Villas, that include accommodations like a full kitchen and laundry, but I will go over all villas in a different post!

akl lobby

The regular resort rooms are broken down into these categories: Standard, Pool View, Savanna View, Deluxe Pool View, Deluxe Savanna, Concierge, Presidential, Vice Presidential, and several suites.  But since the majority of us are average families, I’m going to talk about the Standard, Pool, and Savanna views! (But if you want to stay in the more posh rooms, well I would be happy to come with you, you know, for research purposes!)

akl room

The rooms are 344 square feet, so a bit more room than Value and Moderate rooms. They each have either a king bed or a queen bed and bunk beds. There are handicap accessible rooms as well, just make sure you request it if needed. The rooms do have a fridge, coffee maker and room safe, much like other resorts.

akl layout

In the bathrooms the vanity/sink area is in the same area where the tub and toilet are. Like regular bathrooms! So either a good thing if you don’t mind having 2 people getting ready in the bathroom at the same time, or frustrating because you just want to go brush your teeth but someone is in the shower!

akl bathroom

The main reason why this resort is so popular is not only the beauty and grandiose buildings, but because this is the only resort that has animals for viewing from the hotel itself! Just imagine, waking up in your room and walking out onto your balcony to a Savanna with zebras or giraffes! Even if you’re not a guest at this resort, you can still see the animals from special viewing areas. Which is why balloons are not allowed here, much like Animal Kingdom Resort. The animals safety is just as important as yours in these areas. There are 3 different savanna areas that have different animals. In the Sunset Savanna you’ll find ostriches, in the Arusha Savanna you’ll find zebras, and in the Uzima Savanna you’ll see kudu.

akl savanna

If after you’ve explored your room and savannas you might work up quite the appetite! There are many restaurants to choose from here! If you need something quick then you can go to Mara, Uzima Springs, and Maji Pool Bar. If you want a place that you can sit down and relax casually then might I suggest Cape Town Lounge and Wine Bar, and Victoria Falls Lounge. Of course you cannot go to AKL without going to Boma or Sanaa! They are the places to eat and have people coming back time and time again! If you go to Boma for breakfast, make sure you try the Tonga Toast and Freshly Pressed Coffee!

akl boma

Tummies full, animal seen, what else is there to do here? Well, you can’t go to any hotel without talking about the pool! The Uzima Springs Pool is one of the largest pools on WDW property and also a zero entry pool like you can find at Caribbean Beach Resort or Art of Animation. And of course a 67 foot water slide for the brave kiddos to enjoy! There is also a kiddie pool and 2 hot tubs in the area for you to enjoy.

akl pool

If you’re needing to work off all of those yummy treats from the restaurants, then you can get your sweat on at the Zahanati Fitness Center! It’s open from 6am-9pm for guests 14 and older free of charge to resort guests.

This would be a great time to check the kids into the Simba’s Cubhouse! It’s open in the evenings and has so many things for the children to do! Including dinner! Reservations for the cubhouse can be made 120 days in advance, much like dining reservations.

If you are wanting more fun things to do you can feed the flamingos, track animals, games, and African storytelling! Really, you could truly find so much to do and see without ever leaving the resort! I am so in love with this resort! I cannot wait until we can come and stay here and relax! But the practical side of me always says later :( I just can’t wait to come and see all of the beautiful African details that they’ve included in these gorgeous place!

Here is a full map of the resort:

akl map

QOTD: Have you stayed here before? Or is this one on your bucket list like me? What is your favorite part of this resort?


How To Make Disney’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels At Home

So you guys know how thrifty I am! And when we go to Disney I like to pack snacks and treats to curb our feeling of needing to buy all the treats, especially when we start smelling those yummy smells throughout the park! I already shared with you how I made Disneyfied Rice Krispy Treats! But here’s my version of how you can make those yummy pretzel sticks you can find at Goofy’s Candy Co! The best part is you can make it to your liking, and so many possibilities!

Disney pretzels

What you’ll find in Disney


So all you need are:

The long pretzel rods




Baking chocolate

baking chocolate



Peanut Butter (optional)

Toppings of your choice:


Chocolate chips

Crushed Cookies


Crushed Candy Bars

Anything else you want!

Ok so line the pretzels on a baking sheet lined with parchment. You can either carefully microwave the chocolate or melt it on the stove in a double broiler. Chocolate can burn easily so remember to constantly stir! Once melted you can dip your pretzels into the chocolate, remembering to leave about 1/3 of it uncovered to be the part you hold onto! If you’re wanting to cover it with peanut butter, smear that on first before you cover with chocolate! (I’m gonna tell you right now, they won’t be as pretty as the regular rods but they taste oh so good!) Give it a second to cool and then you can cover with the topping of your choice. Then lay on the baking sheet to cool completely!

I found cute little bags at Michael’s specifically for pretzels like this! It keeps them fresh, and looks just like the ones you’d find in the candy store in Disney! So when your kiddos start wanting a treat and pull this out, no one else would know you made it and not bought it!

pretzel bags

If you’re traveling on a plane or car the way that I protected the treats was to put them in a long Tupperware container (that I found at the Dollar Store) and put the container in my suitcase with the rest of my clothes. It traveled just fine and I didn’t have any problems at the airport. :)

QOTD: Do you like to bring your own treats when you go to Disney or any vacation? What’s your favorite thing to make?

Calvin Klein’s “Reveal” Review

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Well, Influenster sent me another product to test out and be your guinea pig! I love trying out new things! If you like to try out new products and give your honest review, you can go here to apply!

reveal 1

I don’t think you guys know that when I was a youngin’ I actually worked in a major department store at the perfume counter! I know more than I want to ever know about Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Parfum (perfume), and how to layer scents. I know about notes, how to test out how a scent will work on your body and wear it on your wrist or certain points to see what it will smell like on you. Seriously, I would come home from work smelling like that little old grandma that bathed in the stuff! So when I was chosen for this review, I thought perfect! Who doesn’t love smelling Men’s Fragrance?

I am quite familiar with Calvin Klein scents and who doesn’t remember in high school everyone and their boyfriend smelling like CK One? Or spraying Eternity or Obsession? So when I heard that CK had a new fragrance out I was excited to try it!

reveal 2

Reveal is the newest scent collection from Calvin Klein. It is available in women’s or men’s fragrance. I had the chance to test out the men’s version. The top notes for this scent are crystalized ginger, lentisque essence, and pear brandy. Meaning when you first spray the fragrance this is what you will smell first. The mid notes, or what you will smell after a few minutes are raw salt signature, agave nectar, and kiwano. And finally the end notes, what you will smell after about 30-45 minutes is haitian vetiver, vintage vanilla bean, and golden amber.

I am sad to say that this is not my favorite men’s fragrance from Calvin Klein. It was very powerful and woody. Not really my favorite combination. I sprayed a little on my husband to see how the notes would change on him. I could definitely smell the amber and it was almost too much. He and I both got a headache and he had to wash it off after waiting to smell the end notes. Since I live with all boys, I even had one of the twins spray it on to see how it would be on more than one guinea pig! Even on him, the smell was too sharp. He washed it off almost right away too. I prefer more light scents like Eternity for Men that have notes of lavender, jasmine, and rosewood.

I love the majority of the Calvin Klein scents, but this one was too much. I know everyone has different olfactory senses, so if you like the notes in this, you will probably like this one! The best way to decide if you like a particular scent is to go to the store, spray a little on your wrist and continue shopping. Smell your wrist every few minutes to see how it will change on you, since fragrances will smell different on everyone! If you get smell overload ask the counter if they have a container of coffee beans to refresh your senses!

QOTD: Have you tried this scent before? What is your favorite scent that your husband wears?